Readings in Diversity Book Club: – March 2022 – Evicted By Matthew Desmond


Hello Readers!

Welcome to the discussion! We are so happy for you to join us. Our first book will be Evicted by Matthew Desmond.

Desmond, a Princeton sociologist, follows eight families living in Milwaukee. Written in 2016, Desmond’s main goal was to highlight the issues of extreme poverty, affordable housing, and economic exploitation in the United States. This novel went on to receive a Pulitzer Prize in 2017 and has been reviewed as one of the impressive works of scholarship, providing a voice to people who have been ignored or demonized by opinion makers over the course of decades, an essential piece of reportage, and one of the best social justice books of our time. It is said that Desmond has set a new standard for reporting on poverty.

I look forward to reading along with you and discussing Desmond’s work in Milwaukee as well as the CoC’s work here in Fredericksburg to address the issues of extreme poverty, affordable housing and economic exploitation.

Happy Reading!