In the News: HB 717

HB 717 Unaccompanied Homeless Youths; Consent for Housing Services

Unaccompanied homeless youths have experienced unneeded difficulties as they were seeking to obtain housing services in the past. Even though they are unaccompanied, they still needed adult permission through these services with being underaged. This rule that was in place left them with limited resources as they were navigating being homeless. 

HB 717 has been voted in favor of by the Governor and will deem the unaccompanied youth as adults for the purpose of consenting to housing, including emergency shelter, and establishes requirements for providers of housing, including emergency shelter, for unaccompanied youth. 

This bill directs the Board of Social Services to adopt regulations for implementation of the bill and directs the department of social services to establish a work group to make recommendations to the board regarding such regulations and to develop recommendations regarding authorizing unaccompanied homeless youth to consent to medical care. 

 Since this bill has been approved by the Governor, this will allow for the advancement of helping youth experiencing homelessness and begin to eliminate their chances of being homeless again in the future. his is something that can also begin the movement for their medical decisions as well.