The Fredericksburg Regional Continuum of Care (FRCoC) is organized according to its Bylaws, which constitute the Governance Charter.

CoC Board

The FRCoC is governed by a board of elected members. The Board is elected by the full FRCoC membership to help accomplish the FRCoC’s mission to develop, promote and support a continuum of human services and housing opportunities that reduce and prevent homelessness in our community. The Board shall have the power to act on behalf of and in the best interest of the FRCoC.

Current Board Members:

Clay Mihoulides Chrismarr Realty

Joe Hargrove– Individual

Kate Gibson– George Washington Regional Commission

Kathy Anderson– Empowerhouse

Kim Lally– Thurman Brisben Center

Kristen Corrie– Individual

Lisa Crittenden– Loisann’s Hope House

Meghann Cotter– Micah Ecumenical Ministries

Sarah Walsh– Rappahannock United Way

Susanna Finn– City of Fredericksburg