The Fredericksburg Regional CoC is organized according to Bylaws , which constitute the Governance Charter.

FRCoC Bylaws (Updated December 12, 2022)

Public comment for bylaws was open between 3/8/2024 and 3/29/2024. Additional comments may be sent to 

FRCoC Bylaws DRAFT with tracked changes 241208

Lead Agencies

The George Washington Regional Commission has been selected as the CoC Lead Agency, Collaborative Applicant, and the HMIS Lead for the Fredericksburg regional Continuum of Care.

GWRC and CoC MOU (adopted May 2024)

Strategic Plan

In 2020, the CoC adopted an updated Strategic Plan, which outlines the following goals:

  1. Achieve a housing-focused homelessness response system that is comprehensive and effective
  2. Strengthen the internal operations of the CoC to effectively support community strategies that address homelessness
  3. Enhance the CoC’s role as the community leader and subject matter expert on homelessness

Monitoring & Evaluation

The Fredericksburg Regional Continuum of Care (CoC) has developed a monitoring and evaluation plan to guide how the CoC will conduct regular system and program evaluation and project monitoring throughout the year to ensure that the Homeless Response System is effective and efficient.

Monitoring & Evaluation Plan

Community Standards

The Fredericksburg Regional Continuum of Care (CoC) has developed community program standards to guide service providers and promote system-wide alignment around common goals and outcomes, program models and activities, and performance standards.

Street Outreach

Targeted Prevention Standards

Emergency Shelter

Rapid Rehousing Standards

Permanent Supportive Housing

Racial Disparity Summary

VA 514 Racial Disparity Summary