Become a Member

Membership is free and is open to individuals and agencies concerned with the development and coordination of homeless assistance programs.

Who should join?

Members join as either associations/agencies or individuals. Any single person, not related to or employed by a member association/agency can join as an individual member. Those who are homeless or formerly homeless are welcome to join as individual members regardless of their affiliations.

How do you join?

Fill out a membership form and return to Megan Samples at

Organization Membership Form

Individual Membership Form

How do you become a member “in good standing”?

To retain voting rights and any other benefits that may accrue to an CoC member, you must maintain your membership status as a member “in good standing”. A member organization may lose its “in good standing” status if the member has had no official representation at three consecutive general membership meetings.

A member organization will reestablish its “in good standing” membership status by having official representation at two consecutive general membership meetings.

Meeting times are listed on the Meetings page and CoC Calendar. These meetings are open to the public.

What are the benefits of being a member “in good standing”?

  • Vote on issues that are not a conflict of interest for the member.
  • Receive letters for grants indicating length of membership and a description of participation.
  • Ability to apply for state and federal funding through the HUD CoC consolidated application or the VHSP program application.


Contact us at and our staff will help guide you through the process.