2022 Unsheltered Homelessness Initiative

The Fredericksburg Regional Continuum of Care (FRCoC) is soliciting project applications to select a provider to administer funding targeted toward unsheltered homelessness.

In FY2019 the FRCoC partnered with the City of Fredericksburg and Mary Washington Healthcare to fund a rapid re-housing (RRH) project focused on moving persons experiencing unsheltered homelessness back into permanent housing. This partnership developed into a two-year pilot project known as the Unsheltered Homelessness Initiative. )

With success of the two-year pilot and continued success during the following two years, the FRCoC is continuing the project for another two years. The FRCoC continues to seek increased funding for the project from all jurisdictions of PD-16, in addition to seeking additional funding opportunities from community partners that may also be able to support the project. This solicitation is seeking to select a provider to administer any funding received for the Unsheltered Homelessness Initiative FY23-FY24.

Micah Ministries’ Application here

Scoring Sheets here