Meetings | Fredericksburg Regional Continuum of Care

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Striving to develop, promote, and support a continuum of human services and housing opportunities that reduce and prevent homelessness in our community


Please view the calendar for a list of meeting times and locations.

FRCoC Board

The CoC Board oversees the work of the FRCoC to ensure alignment with the FRCoC 10-Year Strategic Plan to End Homelessness and determines priority initiatives on behalf of the general membership.

Meeting Materials and Minutes

January 2017: Agenda – Minutes

February 2017: Agenda – Minutes

March 2017: No meeting

April 2017: Agenda – Minutes

May 2017: Agenda – Minutes

June 2017: AgendaMinutes

July 2017: No meeting

August 2017: Agenda – Minutes

September 2017: Agenda – Minutes

October 2017: Agenda – Minutes- DRAFT –

Full Membership Meetings

The full membership of the CoC meets on a quarterly basis to discuss the work that has been accomplished. The full CoC is also responsible for electing the board to represent the CoC on their behalf.

Meeting Materials and Minutes

January 2017: Agenda – Minutes

April 2017: Agenda – Minutes

July 2017: Agenda – Minutes- DRAFT

October 2017:


Communications Committee

The Communications Committee streamlines FRCoC messaging for the purpose of educating and informing the community as well as system stakeholders, including FRCoC members and project participants.

Meeting Materials and Minutes

February 2017: Agenda – Minutes

March 2017: Agenda – Minutes

April 2017: Agenda – Minutes

May 2017: Agenda – Minutes

June 2017: Agenda – Minutes

July 2017: No meeting

August 2017: No meeting

September 2017: No meeting

October 2017: No meeting

System Planning Committee

The System Planning Committee operates the homelessness response system and develops solutions to challenges and gaps within the system.

Meeting Materials and Minutes

January 2017: Agenda – Minutes

February 2017: No meeting

March 2017: No meeting

April 2017: Agenda – Minutes

May 2017: Agenda – Minutes

June 2017: Agenda – Minutes / Special Meeting Agenda – Special Meeting Minutes

July 2017: Agenda – Minutes

August 2017: Agenda – MinutesSpecial Meeting Agenda – Special Meeting Minutes

September 2017: Agenda – Minutes

October 2017: Agenda – Minutes – DRAFT

Grants Committee

The Grants Committee performs regular project and system evaluation and reviews and selects all projects for collaborative applications, including those for Continuum of Care Program and Virginia Homeless Solutions Program funding.

Meeting Materials and Minutes

August 2017: Agenda – Minutes – DRAFT