Plan to End Homelessness

What does it mean to “end homelessness”?

The Fredericksburg Regional CoC will have ended homelessness when the homelessness response system is right-sized to ensure that all persons experiencing homelessness have a path to permanent housing. Specifically, it means:

  • Identifying all persons experiencing homelessness
  • Providing immediate access to shelter for anyone experiencing unsheltered homelessness
  • Ensuring that all persons experiencing homelessness have the opportunity to move back into permanent housing within 30 days of becoming homeless
  • Preventing new episodes of homelessness whenever possible

How will we end homelessness?

In 2020, the CoC adopted an updated Strategic Plan, which outlines the following goals:

  1. Achieve a housing-focused homelessness response system that is comprehensive and effective
  2. Strengthen the internal operations of the CoC to effectively support community strategies that address homelessness
  3. Enhance the CoC’s role as the community leader and subject matter expert on homelessness