Unsheltered Homelessness Initiative

2021 Summit Report & Action Plan

History of Initiative

In June 2017, the Fredericksburg Regional CoC was approached by the City of Fredericksburg to discuss concerns about the presence of homeless encampments within City limits. In response, the CoC developed an outline of strategies that could be used to target the unsheltered population for permanent housing using systems that are already in place. The City asked the CoC to engage the counties of Planning District 16 in a conversation about addressing unsheltered homelessness regionally through an effort led by the CoC.

This proposal details the CoC’s plan to target an end to unsheltered homelessness throughout the region, and requests funding from the five local governments of Planning District 16 to make this initiative a reality.

Proposal for Ending Unsheltered Homelessness in Planning District 16

The CoC is seeking additional funding for housing location, rapid re-housing (RRH), and permanent supportive housing (PSH) in order to scale up existing housing projects to fully address unsheltered homelessness in the region.

The CoC has a proven track record administering housing programs. Locally, the CoC has been operating rapid re-housing programs since 2010 and permanent supportive housing programs since 2008. Over the last four years, our partners have collectively moved 435 households experiencing homelessness into permanent housing. Based on the CoC’s most recent System Performance Measures data submitted to HUD, 81% of persons rehoused through one of our community’s rapid re-housing or permanent supportive housing programs do not return to homelessness within 2 years of exiting the program.

Revised Proposal for City of Fredericksburg & Mary Washington Healthcare

After receiving a commitment of $20,000 from the City of Fredericksburg and Mary Washington Hospital, the CoC released a request for proposals in order to identify an agency to administer the unsheltered homelessness initiative on behalf of the CoC. Though an objective funding process, the CoC has selected Micah Ecumenical Ministries to administer the Unsheltered Homeless Initiative project. All submitted project applications are provided below.