Regional Solutions | Fredericksburg Regional Continuum of Care

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Striving to develop, promote, and support a continuum of human services and housing opportunities that reduce and prevent homelessness in our community

Regional Solutions

Housing First

The Fredericksburg Regional CoC has adopted a Housing First approach to homeless services. Housing First is a whole-system orientation that centers on first helping individuals and families obtain and sustain permanent housing and then providing services as needed. A central tenet of the Housing First approach is that services to enhance household well-being can be more effective when people are in their own home.

Local partners have adopted a Housing First approach by reducing barriers to services and shifting focus of programs to helping participants create a housing plan and move into permanent housing as quickly as possible.

One Company

The Fredericksburg Regional CoC has implemented a system-level approach where partner organizations work as “one company” to re-house the community’s most vulnerable. Community partners collaborate to make decisions about who receives resources based on a system-wide by-name list of persons experiencing homelessness that prioritizes those least likely to self-resolve.