Stable Homes Partnership

The solution to homelessness is a simple one: housing. However, in order to end homelessness in the planning district, we depend on strong partnerships with housing professionals to be able to quickly move households back into permanent housing. Private market landlords are critical partners in the work to help people quickly exit homelessness. Without the support of these partners, the great work that the CoC and its partners do to get households back into housing quickly, and keep them there, would not be possible.

On any given night in Planning District 16 (City of Fredericksburg, Caroline, King George, Stafford, and Spotsylvania) there are 200 adults and children experiencing homelessness.

Why the Stable Homes Partnership?

The Stable Homes Partnership provides a network of housing and case management to families that need a place to call home. As a participant in the Stable Homes Partnership, landlords experience a number of benefits:

  • Assistance: Every tenant place through the Stable Homes Partnership has a professional case manager who providers assistance to the client and is an immediate contact for the landlord in regards to concerns with the client. 
  • Marketing: The Stable Homes Partnership assesses the needs of both the client and the landlords in order to create appropriate matches between tenants and landlord partners. With a steady list of clients to be matched to potential housing units, the landlords do not even have to advertise their rentals.
  • Rent: With support from local agencies, most clients placed through the Stable Homes Partnership receive some sort of rental subsidy (short-term or long term). Therefore, landlords are able to receive fair-market rent on time facilitated by the organization placing the client.

Landlord Testimonial